Publication with the Latin American Journal of Computing indexing - Latindex

General guidelines

  • Articles must be original and may not have been previously published. If the articles have been published previously, the author assumes full responsibility for copyright conflicts with any other publisher.
  • Items must be submitted in english or spanish, according to the indicated format.
  • The summary or abstract, should have a maximum of 200 words, including keywords article.
  • The article must have a minimum paper length of six (6) pages and a maximum paper length of fifteen (15) pages, including bibliography.
  • All references cited in the text should appear in the literature
  • Before submitting written work, check the following:
    • The file must be in Microsoft Word or PDF format, according to the requested format.
    • Verify that article's images have good resolution and are optimized for inclusion in documents.
  • Written works should not be larger than 2 MB.The journal editors reserve the right to publish the contributions in the number that they consider most appropriate.
  • Articles that are not considered appropriate for the journal and therefore not published will be rejected and the authors will be notified by email.
  • The Faculty of Systems Engineering, does not accept any responsibility for the point of view and statements made by the authors in their work.
  • The research articles and technical reports will be presented in IEEE format.
  • All the listed authors must have significantly contributed to the research
  • A list of financial institutions that founded the research, if any, must be included before Reference Section.
  • To contribute reducing research and publication misconduct, all submitted articles will be checked with a plagiarism detection software.

Next, find the templates available in MS Word and LaTeX format. Select 'Save' when the 'File Download' dialog pops up.

  1. Microsoft Word 2007 A4 DOC, 51 KB)
  2. LaTeX:
    1. LaTeX file(PDF, 63 KB)*
    2. LaTeX bibliography files**

For more information, please visit: https://lajc.epn.edu.ec/index.php/LAJC/about/submissions#authorGuidelines.

  • Review, in detail, all the parameters for the presentation of articles.
  • Each submitted paper will undergo a double-blind thorough review of at least three reviewers.
  • The send of articles should be done through the easychair platform.
  • The Scientific Articles will be oriented to promote the progress of science, new methods or techniques, accompanied by experiments that prove the hypothesis of an investigation.
  • The Technical Articles present novel applications, practical experiences and technical challenges making use of a specific scientific basis.

Double-blind review policy

The peer review procedure is double-blind. Therefore, the initial documents sent for review should not contain the names of the authors, nor the filiations or any information that may reveal their identity (this information will be delivered with the final version of the manuscript that will be published after its acceptance). In the version sent for review, authors should avoid explicit automatic references that could suggest the name of the authors.

Articles accepted with modifications

Once an article is accepted, the author(s) should improve it taking into account the comments / suggestions of the reviewers, without exceeding the established page limit.

Registration at the conference

To ensure the inclusion of the accepted articles in the conference proceedings, at least one author of each accepted article must register at the event and present the work.


Important dates

Submission of articles until June 30, 2019 July 15, 2019
Notification of accepted articles: August 26, 2019.
Submission of the final version of the articles: September 2, 2019.
TICEC 2019: November 27, 28 and 29, 2019.